Ms. Hales,

Thank you for your response. I stopped using it a while back, but I still struggle with how to tell someone I find them to be verbally impressive. “You did a great job!” is certainly something I say regularly, but as teachers we are encouraged to be more specific with our feedback. “You did a great job” does not tell them what they did well, but then again neither does “You’re so articulate,” so I think specificity will solve my dilemma.

“You conveyed your ideas succinctly and effectively” or “Your diction is moving” would hopefully convey my meaning without racial messaging.

While specificity is certainly wordier, it will be worth it if it prevents me from alienating my students or demeaning their work. I would never want them to feel unloved or even slighted.

Your bog standard small-town girl with delusions of grandeur.

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